COMPLETE Training for DaVinci Resolve 12.5

Learn with a step-by-step guide that walks you through a complete project. You'll configure critical project settings, import and organizing media, conform a project from Premiere Pro, then edit, trim and color grade using Power Windows, Qualifiers and Tracking.

DaVinci Resolve 12 Color page

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Step-By-Step Instructions

Every hands-on exercise starts with an explanation of why and when a feature is useful, so you not only learn how to use functions but the fundamental concepts as well.

Learning DaVinci Resolve 12

Detailed Graphics

Detailed screen shots guide you through every major step, with callouts for clear explanations. Rich conceptual graphics are also used to help explain features more clearly

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Download 6GB of high quality audio and video content. designed as a complete, true to life project. You to gain practical experience with common tasks and some tricky problems.

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Test Questions

Take a quiz at the end of every chapter to gauge how much of the material you retain. The quiz uses a variety of question types  with answers  found at the end of the book. 

Learning davinci resolve 12.5

Extended Table of Contents

Ch1: Starting a Project

  • Logging in with a User Profile
  • Overview of Pages
  • Importing Clips
  • Reviewing and Scrubbing Clips -UPDATED
  • Manually Syncing Picture with Sound
  • Configuring Audio Channels
  • Setting up a New Project
  • Setting a Scratch Disk
  • A Few Words About Color Spaces
  • Setting Up Project Color Management
  • Saving and Auto Saving a Project

Ch 2: Bringing Order to Clips

  • Working with Metadata
  • Viewing Metadata in a list
  • Saving Bin Views -NEW
  • Importing Metadata -NEW
  • Adding a New Bin
  • Moving Clips Between Bins
  • Adding a Smart Bin
  • Changing Clip Names -UPDATED

Ch 3: The Basics of Editing

  • The Edit Page
  • Marking In and Out Points
  • Creating a New Timeline
  • Assembling the First Edits -UPDATED
  • Making a Three Point Edit
  • Overwriting Video
  • Using Timecode to Move the Playhead
  • Editing Multiple Clips at Once

Ch 4: Advanced Editing

  • Backtiming a Cut Away
  • Making a Cut Away on Video 2
  • Performing a Split Edit
  • Marking a Segment in the Timeline
  • Replacing an Edit -UPDATED
  • Fit-to-Fill Edit
  • Editing Multicamera Events -UPDATED

Ch 5: Timeline Editing

  • Navigating in the Timeline
  • Dragging Clips in the Timeline
  • Disabling Snapping
  • Moving Clips using the Keyboard
  • Deleting Clips from the Timeline
  • Unlinking Video and Audio Segments
  • Splitting a Segment
  • Scrubbing with J-K-L Keys
  • Splitting Across Tracks

Ch 6: The Trim Tool

  • Archiving and Restoring Projects
  • Ripple Trimming
  • Trim using JKL Keys
  • Trimming Clips On-The-Fly
  • Rolling Trims
  • Trimming a Split Edit
  • Slip Trimming
  • Slide Trimming
  • Selection Tool Trimming

Ch 7: Working with Sound

  • Setting Up the Interface for Audio
  • Assigning Color to Clips -NEW
  • Adding New Audio Tracks
  • Patching Audio Tracks
  • Monitoring, Soloing, and Muting Audio
  • Working with Markers -UPDATED
  • Finding Markers with the Edit Index
  • Using the Match Frame Feature
  • Modifying Volume Levels
  • Viewing Audio Meters
  • Using the Audio Mixer
  • Copying and Pasting Audio Levels
  • Changing Levels within a Clip
  • Adding Audio Fades

Ch 8: Applying Transition Effects

  • Adding and Modifying Cross Dissolves
  • Adding Other Effects
  • Marking Favorites
  • Using the Smooth Cut Effect
  • Fading Video In and Out
  • Rendering Timeline Effects

Ch 9: Graphics & Animation

  • Using Graphics with Alpha Channels
  • Choosing a Template
  • Modifying Text Parameters
  • Trimming Titles with Extend Edit
  • Setting Keyframes
  • Using Still Photos
  • Modifying Keyframes in the Timeline -UPDATED
  • Animating with Dynamic Zoom -NEW

Ch 10: Changing Clip Speed

  • Constant Speed
  • Retiming Clips in the Timeline
  • Variable Speed Change -NEW
  • Processing Speed Changes

Ch 11: Intro to the Color Page

    • Conforming an XML Timelime -NEW
    • About the Color Page
    • Understanding Scopes -UPDATED
    • Temperature and Tint -NEW
    • Balancing Color with the Color Wheels
    • Using the Vectorscope for Skin Tones
    • Saving Color Corrections
    • Balancing Color with Primaries Bars -NEW
    • Using the Node Editor
    • Fixing Specific Areas with Power Windows
    • Using the Viewers for Color Grading -NEW

    Ch 12: Color Correcting Multiple Shots

    • Applying Stills to Clips
    • Balancing Shots with a Color Chart
    • Using Shot Match
    • Filtering the Color Timeline -NEW
    • Creating Groups
    • Using Groups to Adjust Multiple Clips
    • Making Adjustments to the Entire Timeline
    • Applying Presets from the Gallery Window

    Ch 13: Grading

    • Adding Clips to Groups -NEW
    • Color Grading with Curves
    • Using Hue Curves to Modify Skin Tone
    • Saving Versions
    • Using Qualifiers
    • Combining Qualifiers and Power Windows
    • Tracking Power Windows
    • Layering with Blend Modes
    • Comparing Versions
    • Saving Grades Across Projects
    • Comparing Images

    Ch 14: Color Page FX

    • Stabilization -NEW
    • Collapsing Nodes -NEW
    • Adding Resolve FX -NEW
    • Single Point Tracking -NEW
    • Using Node Resizing for Cloning -NEW
    • Caching in the Color Page

    Ch 15: Output

    • Switching to the Deliver Page
    • Outputting to ProTools
    • Adding a Watermark
    • Adding to the Render Queue
    • Roundtrip to Premiere Pro-NEW
    • Creating Your Own Preset
    • Data Levels -NEW