1. Where do i find my password so i can download the media?
A: The password to access the media download is located in the How to Begin section of the book.

2. I try to download the content but the download just stops?
A: Downloading the content works best when using either Chrome or Safari web browsers.

3. In chapter 6, a warning dialog comes up when i restore the project. Should i be concerned?
A: Click OK on the warning dialog. Resolve is just informing you that the Capture scratch disk is not set correctly. This is to be expected since the hard drives connected to the system when the project was archived are not the same hard drives connected to your system.

4. I don't have the timelines for chapter 2, 3, 4, or 5 . What do i do?
A: Chapters 1-5 build on each other. For instance, completing chapter 1 produces the timeline for chapter 2 etc..

5. I don't have the timeline for Chapter 6,7,8,9,or10. What do i do?
A: The timelines for chapters 6 thru 10 are found in an Archive that you must Restore by performing the first exercise in chapter 6.

6. I don't have enough hard disk space to keep the media in my Documents folder, can i move it to my media drive?
A: Yes, but please note the exercises in the book will ask you to navigate to the Documents folder. If you move the Training project folder, you will need to remember how to navigate to the new location.

7.The media stutters when I try to play the timelines. What should i do?
A: Although the media is a low resolutions, compressed format, it still requires you have a hard drive that can sustain data rate of at least 70Mb/s. If your hard drive cannot sustain that data rate, move the Training project.ra folder to a faster hard drive.

If you have issues downloading the content or using your password, please email us: